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The Righteous Series

The Righteous Series

The Righteous was born during WWI as a group that was the bravest and most cunning of all the soldiers. Enlisted for secret missions that no one else wanted or dared to do, these brave soldiers put their lives on the line to keep the world safe. The Righteous was abandoned by the government and was driven underground at the end of WWI. Privately funded the group has morphed into a vigilante justice program where the members are recruited from the best of the best. Together they take down criminal organizations and those that skirt the law in the best way that they see fit.

The Righteous Books has interconnected twists with plots that are pulled through all the books. To appreciate the full experience these books should be read in order.

All my stories touch on sensitive subject matter and these stories are no different. The TW change with each book.

Dark Side of the Cloth: Taboo plot/Graphic Violence, Course Language/Mention of SA, Child Abuse, Murder/PTSD

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