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The Consumed Trilogy

The Consumed Trilogy is a Dark Thriller Romance. This book follows the journey of Derek West as he navigates through a toxic and abusive home life that eventually pushes him to do things he never thought he would. In book one you meet Derek and experience the world as he did growing up and who he is now as a serial arsonist. Book two you are introduced to Asher West who is Derek's younger brother. This trilogy is not for the faint of heart, but will make you laugh, cry, angry, want revenge and so much more. Derek is a beautifully tragic and dark character. Is he redeemable? You'll have to read to find out.

My Father used to say that I was dramatic and weak and needed to toughen up. My mother used to say nothing. The only glimmer of happiness I had was my brother Asher. We could keep each other safe from the man that turned into a monster and the woman that let it happen.

Until I fought back.

After that, I was scarred for life and found myself locked in a room that was supposed to be safe. But safe for whom? For the doctors who tormented me, or for my brother who had put me in this place? I did have one bright light. Adalyn’s soul made me feel a little less like a monster. But they took that away too and released the demon everyone tried so hard to contain.

No one was safe when that rabid animal broke free from its chains. Fire didn’t just cleanse my sins—It was the very essence of my being. There was nothing purer than sitting back and watching flames lick up the side of a building, consuming everything in their path. Some would say I was the spawn of Satan himself, and maybe I was?

But not even the devil could burn the world like I could.

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