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The Brothers of Shadow and Death

The Brothers of Shadow and Death - Dual Author World with overlapping characters.

TW: MMF/Graphic Violence, Course Language, Adult Sexual Scenes

Centuries ago, our world descended into chaos as war erupted amid the masses. Those with magical abilities fought against those without, leaving the weaker of the two desperate to remain free. In the battle, we lost many, flooding our streets and waterways with the blood of the innocent.


After decades of war across the globe, peace settled amongst the people. Most forgot the years of death and destruction, though others spoke about it as nothing more than myths to be passed on to younger generations.


Factions became the new world order, run by those with magic. They outlawed guns, closed prisons, and disbanded armies. Yet crime rates were the lowest they had ever been. These mystical groups took control of the world’s leading industries, from food production to machinery and technology.


However, most of these factions wanted to remain untouched by a more modern society. They chose to bypass technological advancements, allowing only the most prestigious of families to own simple machines such as cars.


Those without magical abilities became known as Flitters. And to them, nothing had changed. But to those with powers, the world would never be the same. That was a secret they kept, day in and day out.


Like any world order, the Factions understood jealousy could still bring them down. They banded together to create stronger alliances.


The most powerful of those groups became a united front, controlling what they called Faction Three—The Brothers of Shadow and Death. The Adair, Kelly, McCabe, McGregor, and McKinnon families have grown to be an immensely powerful alliance. They now have dangerous targets on their backs, for the other envious families crave their power and prosperity.


Lurking within the shadows, there is yet another group that emerged from this war. The Hunters are a rebellious sect that comes from a long line of Flitters who remember those battle-stricken days and strive to annihilate the Factions at all costs. Their mandate is to set free the Flitters from their perceived oppression.


As each ritual moon draws near, and a new triad union is announced, the Hunters become more active. Their goal is simple: Eliminate the triads.


Welcome to Faction Three… Where you will meet the strongest and most desirable we have to offer.


Trilogy 1 - Book 1 - Anywhere - Brooklyn Cross

Trilogy 1 - Book 1 - Backfire - T.L. Hodel

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